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User Manual

Congratulations on your new OutStanding outdoor product

Guide your new OutStanding outdoor product

You HAVE TO read the following instructions before you start using your gas grill.

The grill is for OUTDOOR use ONLY.
The grill is only to be used by adults.
The Grill and the hot plates – are HOT. Therefore, keep hands and fingers away from the heat source. KEEP CHILDREN AWAY.

This product has been security tested and is only meant for use in the specific country as designated on the external packaging.

The gas grill
Before you use your new gas grill – please ensure that all gas installations have been properly connected. You can test this very easily with sulfo-foam – to be placed above all connections. If the foam is blown to pieces – there is a gas leakage.
Always test the installations prior to turning on the grill.

Connection to gas cylinder must be done following the instructions and according to the directions of the supplier.
If in doubt – contact your local gas supplier and installer.

If you smell leaking gas:

  • Close the gas cylinder immediately
  • Extinguish open flames
  • Open the lid of the grill

If you see, smell or hear a wheezing sound of leaking gas from the cylinder:

  • Evacuate everyone in the vicinity immediately
  • FDo not attempt to solve problem yourself.
  • Call a gas installator or the fire department.

Leaking gas can cause fires or explosions which can cause serious damage, and injuries, even fatal.

MUST be read and followed. Be very aware of what is written below –FIRE-EXPLOSIONS might be caused – with injuries and death. Not just for yourself – but also to your immediate surroundings.

  • Only use butane/propane gas for the grill. It is dangerous to use natural gas and the use of this will invalidate the warranty.
  • A used gas cylinder might still contain gas, so store and transport it accordingly.
  • Make sure you are outdoors and distant from sources of combustion at replacement and connection of gas cylinders.
  • Only use the grill/hot plate on a stable, even, non-combustible surface.
  • Only use the grill/hot plate in a well-ventilated location, never use the grill/hot plate under an inflammable roof or cover and never use the grill/hot plate in a garage, shed or any other covered place.
  • Faulty assembly is dangerous therefore you may never alter your Outstanding grill.
  • Never attempt to repair gas carrying or gas burning parts, always contact your OutStanding dealer for original OutStanding spare parts. If you do not follow the instructions it might lead to fire, explosions, serious personal injury, death and/or material damage.
  • A damaged gas cylinder can be dangerous to use, do not ever use a cylinder with a damaged valve. Only use a cerified gas cylinder.
  • Never store a gas cylinder close to your outdoor kitchen and/or grill/hot plate.
  • Your Outstanding grill/hot plate must not be used by children under 18 or persons who are not of legal standing, not sober or are in any other way unable to watch after themselves.
  • Improper maintenance of connections is dangerous. Always check the connections.
  • Check the gas regulators every time. Possibly every time you use the grill.
  • Keep COMBUSTIBLE products away from the grill and the hot plates. Warning – the area underneath the grill is hot as well and can ignite covers and other inflammable material, there fore there must be any kind of inflammable material within a distance of 60cm from the top, bottom, back side or the sides of the grill.
  • During ignition/cooking you must never lean in across an open grill, never use fire to ignite/start your gas grill.
  • Never leave an working outdoor kitchen – or open fire.
  • In the event that grease is ignited/or uncontrolled flames you must remove the food stuff/ close the grill.
  • Should open FIRE occur – in or near you grill/outdoor kitchen – close the gas cylinder IMMEDIATELY and remove it and other cylinders in the vicinity.
  • Keep children away from the outdoor kitchen – while it is in use.
  • Be aware that STAINLESS STEEL – will get VERY VERY HOT –even a long while after the heat source has been turned off, so be sure to keep children and others who might touch the grill/hot plate unawares away during and 90 minutes after use.
  • Never use open fire to check for leakages.
  • Do not cover the grill or hot plates while hot.
  • Should the burners go off while barbecuing/cooking – turn the grill/hot plates off – and wait 5 minutes before turning it on again.
  • If the grill does ignite and you do not open the lead and wait 5 minutes for the gas to disappear before trying again, an explosion like flame, causing fire, death or personal injury, might erupt.
  • NEVER use coal or briquettes or any other combustible in a GAS GRILL.
  • Never remove anything or any of the gas connections or equipment – while the grill or the hot plate is on.
  • Never use water to extinguish flames/open fire.
  • Never use water on hot surfaces. Wait until the surfaces have cooled down.
  • If you do not have experience barbecuing – then let one that does help you before starting.
  • Check and clean the grease tray and grill bottom prior to every barbecuing to avoid fire from surplus grease.
  • Never attempt to move a hot grill.


If you bought a product with a wash basin – a water hose can be fitted on the pipe connector under the table – and the wash basin can be used.

If you bought a product that requires gas (hot plates/grill) – the gas regulator can be fitted to the gas cylinder. Open the gas – and test the connections (possibly with sulfo-foam) – for leakages. Electric installations must be done by an electrician.

It can’t be easier.

10 years against rusting over or burning through the steel.

5 years on the stainless material around the cook plates and other parts heating up during use.

1 year on all other parts.

Your OutStanding-product has been fashioned in stainless steel. Stainless steel – believe it or not – can rust – if not maintained properly.

Never use a steel brush or any other product for cleaning.

Use only a brass brush on the grill proper.

For all other surfaces you should use – only a plastic pot sponge and a rag with stainless steel-oil.


Flying rust
 - best avoided when buying and using a cover

The climate can be harsh on products that are left outdoors all year round. This also applies to stainless materials. But it can be avoided with cleaning and maintenance as with so many other things. Should it still happen that red/brown spots, also known as fly rust, form over time on the stainless steel, this can fortunately be removed again, as the opposite rust settles on the surface. This is because it is an oxidation of the steel and thus not rust in that sense, so it is not a corrosion of the stainless material.

See also our film here

We have put together some useful videos, so that you can get started with your new outdoor kitchen.

Production of outdoor kitchen

Lighting a charcoal grill

Cooking on a gas grill

Direct and indirect cooking on a charcoal grill

When barbecuing with indirect heat, you place the charcoal briquettes on both sides of the grill and place the meat in the middle (see photo). It is important that you close the lid when barbecuing indirectly, since the shape of the lid distributes the heat so as to achieve an even grilling of the meat.

The direct method is similar to traditional barbecuing. The food is placed directly over the charcoal briquettes. This method is used for meat and vegetables that only needs to cook for a short time.

The OutStanding Grill’s 2-layer steel design makes it so that the grill uses the heat much better than other types of grills. The design also means that you only need to use a few briquettes, approximately 10-12, in order to heat up the grill sufficiently.

The OutStanding grill is equipped with valves at the bottom and in the lid. The valves are used for adjusting the temperature.

Cleaning and maintenance

The best way to clean the steel surfaces of your OutStanding outdoor kitchen is by using Outstanding’s cleaning and maintenance spray. Start by cleaning off dirt, dust and food particles from the desired surface.

Then wipe the surface so that the steel surface is completely dry.

Subsequently apply the cleaning and maintenance product. Keep the bottle at a distance of approx. 15 cm, and wipe with a dry cloth. You will get the nicest result by polishing in the direction of the vein of the steel.