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The Rolls Royce of outdoor kitchens

With the award as the best out of seven delicious outdoor kitchens, OutStanding Royal has placed itself solidly in the lead as the market's most exclusive outdoor kitchen. Here, the ultimate in luxury and elegance is combined with top-class functionality and unique Danish design for the quality-conscious grill master.

    On 12 March 2014, Denmark's seven most delicious outdoor kitchens were listed on the information portal With a focus on materials, quality, workplace and functionality, the test presented seven very different models – from the practical and simple to the ultimate luxury outdoor kitchen. Two outdoor kitchens from OutStanding achieved fourth and third place respectively in the fine company, while the outdoor kitchen OutStanding Royal ran with first place and the honor of being the market's most exclusive outdoor kitchen.

    This Rolls Royce of outdoor kitchens appeals both to prominent and wealthy connoisseurs and to the uncompromising barbecue enthusiast, where only the best is good enough. All OutStanding models have a finish and durability that matches even the most critical expectations, but the OutStanding Royal surpasses them all.

    Forget about pitch tents and campfires. Here, the host can treat himself and his guests to a well-prepared gourmet meal, prepared in a large outdoor kitchen in 100% stainless steel with a sink, two gas burners and of course a large gas grill with a lid. OutStanding in every way.

    OutStanding are outdoor kitchens in very high material quality, where the detail, aesthetics and execution are cherished - but the simple and beautiful design has not been achieved at the expense of functionality. On the contrary, an OutStanding outdoor kitchen is easy to use, clean and maintain, while also looking good when it's out there.

    Because of the OutStanding Royal's extra length, there is plenty of space for chopping, preparing and cooking, and plenty of shelf and storage options. In addition to this top model, there is a wide selection to choose from – both for gas and coal and with the option of direct or indirect heat – and all model variants are mobile.

    All outdoor kitchens from OutStanding are designed and manufactured in Denmark. Now also a Rolls Royce of an outdoor kitchen.

    The outdoor kitchen

    Outdoor life is in at the moment, but outdoor life has many forms. For some it's about pitch tents and campfires, while for others it's something of a lifestyle to treat yourself and your guests to a well-prepared gourmet meal from the market's most exclusive outdoor kitchen. Then it really is OutStanding – in every way.

    • OutStanding udekøkken
    • OutStanding udekøkken
    • OutStanding udekøkken
    • OutStanding udekøkken

      Exclusive Danish design
      OutStanding outdoor kitchens appeal to the truly quality conscious. This is exclusive Danish design, where elegance and functionality are sure characteristics. The kitchen is made of largely maintenance-free stainless steel with a finish that matches even the most critical expectations. The durability of OutStanding outdoor kitchens is unique.
      OutStanding outdoor kitchens are available in different models. Among other things. you can choose solutions that integrate the kitchen table, shelf space, sink, fitting and grill. The grill can be chosen for either coal or gas and with the option of direct or indirect heat. All models are mobile.
      Among the many fine details, e.g. mention that the lid, which is closed over the grill, is a double construction that retains the heat and saves on coal or gas. The temperature is adjusted using air valves.

      Own production
      - We produce the OutStanding models ourselves at the factory here in Denmark, and we are still developing the concept with innovations.

      New Danish designed outdoor kitchen

      The Danish cooking culture sometimes undergoes some changes. The past few years have seen an increasing desire to prepare food outdoors.

      Different types of grills and other equipment that can extend the summer are taking over the market. And the Danmark family likes to stand under the parasol or the blue sky and cook outside all year round.

      OutStanding is a brand new high-quality Danish outdoor kitchen with well-thought-out and detailed functionality.
      OutStanding launches a whole product range of outdoor kitchen sections that can be combined or used individually. It is possible to put together your outdoor kitchen so that it meets individual needs and wishes.

      The product range starts with a serving trolley "Serving" and moves all the way up to the flagship "Exclusive Gasgrill", which has both an integrated grill and sink with faucet.
      All models are equipped with robust shelves that provide plenty of storage options for food, charcoal bucket, drinks, spices etc.

      All OutStanding's models are Danishly produced in stainless steel. They can stand up in all kinds of weather and can always be cleaned or polished. Wood types will always be more sensitive to algae and the weather, therefore only steel has been thought of so that the outdoor kitchen can last for many years.
      Likewise, hygiene is very important, not least in an outdoor kitchen, where birds, insects and other things can easily leave their mark. Here, the stainless steel offers optimal possibilities for cleaning.

      OutStanding represents a lot of innovation. This is not an indoor kitchen that has just been moved outside. The vision has been to create the perfect outdoor kitchen at prices that are within the reach of most families.

      The models with sink and faucet have a small spigot mounted under the table top, where you can click your garden hose. The water is activated with an elegant steel handle.

      The integrated grill is a chapter in itself. It has an elegant design and a double layer of stainless steel, which provides an insulating effect and utilizes the heat optimally. The grill is easily heated with only 8-12 grill briquettes. The OutStanding grill is designed so that it works with indirect heat. The temperature is controlled by elegant external valves, which at the same time help to give the grill a characteristic appearance. At the bottom there is an integrated ash tray that collects all ash and dirt.

      All the OutStanding models are movable, have wheels and a solid handle fitted, so regardless of the size, all the models can be moved by one person.

      In the near future, OutStanding will launch a range of accessories for their range. At present, a practical cover and steel polish are available.