OS Pizza Stone

Offer your hungry guests pizza, cooked in your outdoor kitchen and surprise them with a perfectly crispy pizza crust.

Besides cooking pizza, the OS Stone is also ideal for all sorts of baking and barbeque ingredients.


Even heat distribution

The OS Stone is heated together with the barbeque, so the stone’s temperature is the same as in the barbeque. OS Stone’s characteristics mean that you can bake several things one after the other on the same stone.


Recognised baking stone

OS Stone is Danish produced without additives. The stone does not emit any harmful substances. It is the only baking stone on the market that has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute.

OS Stone will quickly become your favourite tool for baking on the barbeque and will give your Out-Standing outdoor kitchen entirely new applications.


Ø34 cm, 44 * 30 cm

Item number

501, 502

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